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The day Antoine Fafard discovered Davide Sgualdini and introduced his work to me was a revelation. What a day of joy that was. Like Ken Scott did for the Mahavishnu Orchestra album “Birds Of Fire”, the approach and sonic vision he brought to the mixing of my drum kit (on the album “Sphere” by Antoine Fafard) was entirely stellar, refreshingly exciting and had a real unique character that was instantly, MAJORLY arousing to my ears and spirit. I was astounded. At that point he became the new standard for me – an engineer with whom I look forward to working on many projects together. His expertise and relentless, tireless dedication to whatever he’s working on is only the “icing on the cake” element to his vastly superior abilities as an engineer/producer. Davide’ a rare one. And an equally beautiful guy to work with. I cannot endorse his all around excellence highly enough!
Thank you Davide sir!

Any musician will tell you – the mixing process is a crucial part in music production. Davide Sgualdini is a master of the sonic world and can make a huge difference to any project, whichever the musical style is. He continuously dedicates careful attention to the music he works on in order to elevate it to its highest potential. Since I began to work with Davide, my music has never sounded better. I can confidently say that there are two periods in my musical life before and after Studio LaMorte!

Alessandro Fulvio Bordigoni

Voice Actor / Singer

Davide Sgualdini is simultaneously a sensitive talented artist and an extraordinary sound engineer. Working with him is easy. He’s a meticulous and trained person always ready to ease the tension with a joke. His products are state-of-the-art in every field.

I have known Davide’s accurate attention to details since I started recording professionally with him when I was 27 years old. I can only say that you will rarely find a person who takes you to the core of your ideas in such a short frame of time and succesfully. Artistic delivery is an extremely delicate and difficult process and Davide knows well how to use ears and advice. All the instruments involved in the songs he works on become never orphans. He gives you a mark that helps your musical world last regretless with the passing of time. If you’re a serious, interesting musician you should really give your projects under his wing.

Nicola Ravarino Guagenti

Opera Singer and Pianist

Davide’s attention to detail is second to none, that’s why I totally trust him for my projects. If you’re aiming for a great and professional sound, Studio LaMorte is your choice!

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We don’t believe in set prices for all projects. Each project is unique and our goal is to provide tailored services in order to reach outstanding results. We dedicate absolute attention to each project while keeping ultimate quality as our main focus. Just contact us describing your project and get a quote to make your music stand out!

Davide Sgualdini
Founder / Owner / Sound Engineer / Producer
Davide Sgualdini

Hi! Davide here. Thanks for looking at my page!

I’ve been producing & mixing music in Italy for 20+ years, but only recently I’ve had proof that I can successfully work with artists all over the world through the Internet and its many tools.
My latest clients include Claudio Conti, Simona Soddu and the extraordinary Antoine Fafard, with whom I get the privilege to work with world-class musicians like Simon Phillips, Gary Husband, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gavin Harrison, Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Todd Sucherman, Jerry Goodman and many others.
My motto is to accept new clients only if I like what I’m hearing and also feel I can really make a difference: I believe that’s the only way to true success!

Please contact me for more information and to get a customized quote specially tailored to satisfy your needs and check out my personal profile page: Davide Sgualdini

Twitter Feed
August 2, 2020 at 1:41pm
Six years ago DGI's Checkmate was released. It is still the biggest most complicated and intricate work I've had the chance be a part of. Ten years in the making and just as many singers, a rock opera that you won't forget!

Check it out here: https://t.co/6znqkwn8n7
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