Chemical Reactions (2020)

Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard

Client: Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Release Date: December 11, 2020
Format: CD, digital, stream
Catalogue number: HH20201
Barcodes: 615068902878
Label: Harmonic Heresy
Total time: 50:15
Produced by Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard
Copyright Antoine Fafard
Music composed by Antoine Fafard
Engraving by Mark J. Saliba
Drums mixed by Gavin Harrison
Mixed and Mastered by
Davide Sgualdini at Studio LaMorte (Cagliari, Italy)
Antoine Fafard: fretted 6-string & 8-string electric bass, fretless 6-string electric bass
Gavin Harrison: drums, marimba
Jerry Goodman: acoustic and electronic violin
Maria Grig: violins and viola
Jonathan Gerstner: cello
Avigail Arad: cello
Reinaldo Ocando: marimba and vibraphone
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra:
Recorded on 11th of March 2016 in Ostrava, Czech Republic
Conductor: Anthony Armore
Orchestrator: Mark J. Saliba
Sound engineer: Jaroslav Zouhar
Orchestra manager: Ondrej Danek
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”Chemical Reactions” is a joint album project presented by Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard.

The original music on this album features a hybrid between the progressive-fusion approach and the world of chamber and orchestral music. Fafard’s compositions highlight Harrison’s innovative drumming through this intense and unique journey of epic proportions.

The album kicks in with Transmutation Circle, a piece where drums and electric bass interact with a string quartet, while Harrison provides occasional marimba parts to the music. The format on this first piece is the blueprint for almost half of the album. Singular Quartz follow, showcasing a different orchestration where drums and bass play alongside violin, cello, marimba and vibraphone. On this track, Jerry Goodman who has been a frequent collaborator on Fafard’s music, performs the acoustic and electric violin parts.

The album concludes with Holding Back the Clock and Chemical Reactions, two pieces where Harrison and Fafard perform with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra. Based in Ostrava, Czech Republic, the symphonic ensemble was recorded in March 2016 and conducted by Anthony Armore.

Gavin Harrison’s work with Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and The Pineapple Thief is well known to progressive fans around the world. His discography includes some unique projects, including three albums made in collaboration with 05Ric, and his solo album, Cheating the Polygraph, which features the music of Porcupine Tree arranged for contemporary brass. Harrison has also authored several instructional drum books and DVDs, and received multiple awards from various publications.

Fafard has been releasing his music for 20 years, having collaborated with some of the world’s most respected and influential players, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Husband, Simon Phillips, Todd Sucherman and Dave Weckl. Fafard’s music has been praised for its intricacy and originality by his peers.

Chemical Reactions offers a true fusion of musical styles and tones. It was created to expand artistic possibilities and open up new horizons.

Released in December 2020, the album is distributed by Amplified Distribution.

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Track listing

01. Transmutation Circle
02. Atonic Water
03. Vision of a Lost Orbit
04. Pair of a Perfect Four
05. Proto Mundi
06. Singular Quartz
07. Holding Back the Clock
08. Chemical Reactions



Any musician will tell you – the mixing process is a crucial part in music production. Davide Sgualdini is a master of the sonic world and can make a huge difference to any project, whichever the musical style is. He continuously dedicates careful attention to the music he works on in order to elevate it to its highest potential. Since I began to work with Davide, my music has never sounded better. I can confidently say that there are two periods in my musical life before and after Studio LaMorte!

The day Antoine Fafard discovered Davide Sgualdini and introduced his work to me was a revelation. What a day of joy that was. Like Ken Scott did for the Mahavishnu Orchestra album “Birds Of Fire”, the approach and sonic vision he brought to the mixing of my drum kit (on the album “Sphere” by Antoine) was entirely stellar, refreshingly exciting and had a real unique character that was instantly, MAJORLY arousing to my ears and spirit. I was astounded. At that point he became the new standard for me – an engineer with whom I look forward to working on many projects together. His expertise and relentless, tireless dedication to whatever he’s working on is only the “icing on the cake” element to his vastly superior abilities as an engineer/producer. Davide’ a rare one. And an equally beautiful guy to work with. I cannot endorse his all around excellence highly enough!
Thank you Davide sir!