Martedì Grasso (2016)

Client: DGI
Genre: Rock 
Release Date: February 10, 2016
Format: digital
Label: Studio LaMorte
Produced by Davide Sgualdini ©2014
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Davide Sgualdini at Studio LaMorte (Cagliari, Italy)
DAVIDE SGUALDINI (drums & percussions, keyboards)
Sergio Calafiura (vocals)
Matt Siddi (vocals)
Music: DGI
Author: Gianluca Menchi
More info available at this website:

Martedì Grasso is the first single from D.G.I. after their rock opera Checkmate.

The band asked two amazing singers to sing this single, so two different editions of the song exist.

You can get the song directly from BandCamp clicking here.

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D.G.I. is a rock band formed in Cagliari (Italy) in June 2005 from the need of the 3 members, Davide Sgualdini (drums and percussions, keyboards), Gianluca Menchi (bass guitar) and Ivan Sgualdini (guitars) to give vent to their musical creativity in the form of rock operas.
Since experimentation plays a major role in the compositions of D.G.I., many musical genres could be found in their songs, but the main ones are heavy metal and hard rock.
The band often collaborates with other artists, mainly singers, to complete its songs.

RECOMMEND IF YOU LIKE: Ayreon, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Gamma Ray, Bon Jovi, Skid Row.

Track listing

01. Martedì Grasso (featuring Sergio Calafiura)
02. Martedì Grasso (featuring Matt Siddi)


D.G.I. – Martedì Grasso

D.G.I. – Checkmate – Album Sampler