Perpetual Mutations (2024)

Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard

Client: Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Release Date: July 26, 2024
Format: CD, Vinyl, digital, stream
Catalogue number: HH20241A (CD) and HH20241B (LP)
Label: Harmonic Heresy
Total time: 46:02
Produced by Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard
Copyright Antoine Fafard
Music composed by Antoine Fafard
Engraving by Mark J. Saliba
Drums mixed by Gavin Harrison
Mixed and Mastered by
Davide Sgualdini at Studio LaMorte (Cagliari, Italy)
Antoine Fafard: Electric Bass and Classical Guitar
Gavin Harrison: Drums, Marimba
Jean-Pierre Zanella: Soprano Saxophone
Dale Devoe: Trombones and Trumpets
Joasia Cieslak: Cello
Isodora Filipovic: Cello
Reinaldo Ocando: Marimba and Vibraphone
Pier Luigi Salami: Piano and Rhodes
Tadeusz Palosz: Handpans and Log Drum
Ally Storch: Violin
Rodrigo Escalona: Oboe
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”Chemical Reactions” is a joint album project presented by Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard.

Perpetual Mutations is an original album project released in 2024, following the first collaboration between Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard, entitled Chemical Reactions, which debuted four years prior. Perpetual Mutations showcases an eclectic blend of musical arrangements and includes contributions from nine collaborators representing various nationalities and continents.

As it was in the first effort, all the music on this album is entirely performed and excludes any programmed instruments. The joint instrumental musical effort was put together with the clear intention of not repeating the exact same sonic textures featured in the first album and keep looking for different and original musical possibilities. For instance, Perpetual Mutations introduces classical guitar and piano, instruments absent in the 2020 album. In addition, some of the pieces feature the Rhodes piano, the soprano saxophone (performed by Jean-Pierre Zanella), as well as handpans and log drum instruments. The song Objective Reality is a piece which is led by Rodrigo Escalona on the oboe in an unusual trio format.

Some strings are also featured as lead instruments on the album, with two pieces – Deadpan Euphoria and Pentalogic Structure – where the cello has a dominant presence (performed by Joasia Cieslak and Isodora Filipovic) and on Viral Information 101 where violinist Ally Storch takes the lead. To conclude the list of contributors, Dale Devoe – an alumni from the Stan Kenton Orchestra – provided some brass ensembles on three tracks, performing all the trombone and trumpet parts.

The pacing of Perpetual Mutations on all nine pieces takes the listener into various moods and atmospheres. Directly related to the eclectic and ever changing instrumentations used from one piece to the next, the album can’t be easily summarised as one identifiable entity. However, the playing of Harrison and Fafard on every piece is the common thread that unifies all the music on the album.

Harrison’s unmistakable sound and personal approach to the drums are evident throughout, while Fafard’s composition and playing style on the bass and guitar contribute to unify the project.

Perpetual Mutations offers a fusion of musical styles and sonic textures that complements the first effort Harrison and Fafard put out four years previously. The intention of this project is to stretch out artistic possibilities and contribute to expanding the musical spectrum.

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Track listing

1. Dark Wind
2. Deadpan Euphoria
3. Viral Information 101
4. Objective Reality
5. Quiescent II
6. Spontaneous Plan
7. Pentalogic Structure
8. Solus Souls II
9. Safety Meeting


Any musician will tell you – the mixing process is a crucial part in music production. Davide Sgualdini is a master of the sonic world and can make a huge difference to any project, whichever the musical style is. He continuously dedicates careful attention to the music he works on in order to elevate it to its highest potential. Since I began to work with Davide, my music has never sounded better. I can confidently say that there are two periods in my musical life before and after Studio LaMorte!

The day Antoine Fafard discovered Davide Sgualdini and introduced his work to me was a revelation. What a day of joy that was. Like Ken Scott did for the Mahavishnu Orchestra album “Birds Of Fire”, the approach and sonic vision he brought to the mixing of my drum kit (on the album “Sphere” by Antoine) was entirely stellar, refreshingly exciting and had a real unique character that was instantly, MAJORLY arousing to my ears and spirit. I was astounded. At that point he became the new standard for me – an engineer with whom I look forward to working on many projects together. His expertise and relentless, tireless dedication to whatever he’s working on is only the “icing on the cake” element to his vastly superior abilities as an engineer/producer. Davide’ a rare one. And an equally beautiful guy to work with. I cannot endorse his all around excellence highly enough!
Thank you Davide sir!