• The Band

    Matt Siddi
    ( vocal )

    Davide Sgualdini
    ( drums / keyboards )

    Gianluca Menchi
    ( bass guitar )

    Ivan Sgualdini
    ( Lead guitar )

    shortly about us

    Sibilya is an alternative-metal/hard-rock/glam Italian band from Cagliari.
    The history of Sibilya begins in early 2006 when the rock band D.G.I. (click here), formed by Davide Sgualdini on drums and keyboards, Gianluca Menchi on bass and Ivan Sgualdini on guitar, decided to form a band to fully exploit the great potential of singer Matt Siddi, who starred in a leading role in the rock opera Checkmate. In this sense, the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm that lavish from all the members in equal measure, in addition to being crucial to the growth of a musical feeling already evident, it offers a glimpse from the outset of what will be the path beaten from the four rockers of Cagliari: an alchemy of intent, notes, words and ideas that is at the service of the common desire to give life, musically speaking, to a communication experience that can draw from the daily dynamics (often contradictory) expressed by modern society.

    The birth of Sibilya, therefore, is inextricably linked to the attempt to retrieve the most genuine sides of rock music that have always represented ... ...

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  • D.G.I. is a rock band formed in Cagliari (Italy) in June 2005 from the need of the 3 members, Davide Sgualdini (drums and percussions, keyboards), Gianluca Menchi (bass guitar) and Ivan Sgualdini (guitars) to give vent to their musical creativity in the form of rock operas. Since experimentation plays a major role in the compositions of D.G.I., many musical genres could be found in their songs, but the main ones are heavy metal and hard rock. The band often collaborates with other artists, mainly singers, to complete its songs. RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Ayreon, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Gamma Ray, Bon Jovi, Skid Row.

    Magic Salad is a folk rock band located in Cagliari (Italy) formed in 2011 by Claudio Conti (lead vocalist / guitar player) and Davide Sgualdini (drummer / keyboards / producer). Apart from founder members a huge contribution to the making of their project has been given by Gianluca Menchi, Ivan Sgualdini and Simona Soddu. The sound of Magic Salad and its musical composition are deeply influenced by the dissimilar roots of the band's members: The Beatles, Tim Buckley, Fleet Foxes and Andrew Lloyd Webber's “Jesus Christ Superstar” are the main ones.

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  • The birth of Sibilya, therefore, is inextricably linked to the attempt to retrieve the most genuine sides of rock music that have always represented the backbone of a genre that in the past has made us dream precisely because of its ability to evoke what is other than itself, through the lights and shadows that projected in a sincere manner. For this reason, the name of the band refers to the mythological figure of the Sibyl who represented the voice inspired by the transcendent, able to communicate small and great truths on concrete aspects of life: an authentic life, which nevertheless suffers from an obvious and dragged existence of the world and for the circumstances that seems to devour it.

    The first full-length album of the band self-titled 'Sibilya' develops in 13 previously unreleased tracks plus a cover 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)' originally sung by Samantha Fox. The album lyrics identify civil society as a theater of the incommunicability between human beings. Feelings such as envy, hatred and indifference represent the gall that poisons relationships and they manifest themselves through verbal violence that wears down and drag the human nature to the decline. Sincere communication does not need empty words: true feelings grow in silence and represent the hope of a new life.